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Pinnacle Performance Consulting

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We are an emerging training, coaching, and consulting firm. We help clients solve complex problems with quality and measured solutions.

Training Design and Delivery

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What Makes Us Different?

We have solid definite experience in getting multi-million dollar projects approved and funded. Our approach calls for a compelling and quintessential “call to action” that drives clarity and commitment.

We employ a “Rapid Diversity-Principled Assessment Process” to all our work, which bakes innovation into our work with clients.

We show TANGIBLE results with each deliverable. If you do not meet your goals, we do not get paid.

We have a unique European-based salon approach to designing retreats and conferences. Our process facilitates moving informal learning to formal implementation.

We utilize our time-tested coaching and consulting process, A-STEP, to allow clients to test strategies and then continually refine tactics before we measure overall success.

We follow the bottom to top approach to design training. Starting at the bottom with the employees’ daily tasks and duties then moving to the big picture. This approach puts the learner at the center of the performance universe, not the training.

We are there to help you recover credibility when projects break down, deadlines will be missed, and money will be lost.

Quality & Reliability

We strive to be that extension of your team. We are your Emergency responders for Training Design and Delivery, Professional Consulting, and HR Consulting.

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"One of the best HR Professionals"

Denny is one of the best HR Professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s strategic instead of reactionary, but also approaches each challenge with just the right amount of human empathy… read more

"A true pathfinder and leader"

Denny was seen as a pioneer and innovator at First Union. He was a true pathfinder and principle-centered leader. I respected him immensely.… read more

"Elevated our performance"

In the six years that Denny led recruiting at Wachovia, he elevated our performance to an award-winning, industry-recognized, innovative, accountable, execution-oriented, and people/client focused… read more