Tips for Finding Work After 50

by May 29, 2019Tips

I recently had the pleasure of working with a Tallahassee-based career development agency called CareerSource.  I partnered with a talented consultant, Tekela Miles, to present a workshop on “Finding a Job Once You Have Passed the Age of 50”.  I don’t know what is so magical about 50 versus any other age, but I have been in cast into this scenario twice in my 30-plus year career.

A few years ago, I began a search for a new job after having been out of the workforce for almost two years (due to medical reasons).  I found the experience both intellectually AND emotionally challenging.  I discovered that I had four significant challenges to fight and (hopefully) overcome:  1)my career objectives were scattered, 2)I had to learn to deal with consistent, considerable rejection, 3)I had to come out of what I finally realized was “depression thinking”, and 4)I needed to recognize conscious and unconscious bias in the hiring processes in which I was involved.

The greatest lesson I learned was that the bias I was trying to scale was mostly in my own head.  I found that if I did not change, that I was doomed to doing less impactful (certainly lower paying) work.  I had to find the recipe for getting my stuff together- sort of like a “cleansing” for the mind and soul.  Like most recipes, it works even when others apply it and uses it any other situations.

The model I used to help me help myself find work after 50 is presented below.  The thesis of the model is that you must really search your mind, then your heart BEFORE you engage your hands for, say, typing, and your feet for networking and interviewing.  Sounds easy, right.  Well, it’s wasn’t.  Come along with me as I utilize this model for self-discovery leading to what is now “dual-employment.”  The best of both worlds?  Maybe.   Bear with me, and I will give you some tips on how to achieve the positively impactful work, I believe we all desire.

Next week:  Tips on implementing a successful job search when you have been out of the “game” for a while.

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