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At PPC, we are all about performance improvement, delivered fast and with the highest level of quality.

Training Design and Delivery

PPC is the go-to extension of your training team with on-demand, custom-tailored, and PH.D-led training design and expert delivery. Click this box to learn more!

Top-Notch Coaching

We fervently believe that great coaching can exponentially improve performance –  that is exactly why we feature professionally certified coaches with extensive public and corporate sector experience. Click this box to learn more!

Solutions-Based Consulting

When more complex analysis is required, PPC rapidly organizes to co-create solutions to address People-First needs. We then help you position your business case to sell your ideas to Senior Management.  In short, we are here to help you WIN. Click this box to learn more!

What Makes Us Different?

We have definite experience in getting multi-million dollar projects approved and funded.  Our approach calls for a compelling and quintessential  “call to action” that drives clarity and commitment.

We employ a “Rapid Diversity-Principled Assessment Process” to all our work. This “bakes” innovation into our work with clients.

We show TANGIBLE results with each deliverable. If you do not meet your goals, we do not get paid.

We have a unique European-based salon approach to designing retreats and conferences.  Our process facilitates moving informal learning to formal implementation.

We utilize our time-tested coaching and consulting process (A-STEP) to allow clients to test strategies and then continually refine tactics before we measure overall success.

We follow the bottom to top approach to design training. You start at the bottom with the employees’ daily tasks and duties, then show them the big picture. This approach puts the learner at the center of the performance universe (not the model).

We Strive for Excellence

Our priority is to be recognized for being a BEACON of Excellence, the BEST IN CLASS training, consulting, and coaching firm as determined by our industry peers, our customers, and the communities we serve.

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If results do not improve we do not get paid. We say it because we mean it.