Top-Notch Coaching

At PPC, we fervently believe that great coaching can exponentially improve performance.

That is exactly why we feature professionally certified coaches with extensive public and corporate sector experience.

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Performance & Engagement for Teams

Career Advancement & Crossroads for Professionals

Business Management for Small Business Owners

Business & Franchise Start-Up

Time Management & Personal Productivity

If results do not improve, we do not get paid. We say it, because we mean it.

What is Our Approach to Professional Coaching?


At PPC  we are experienced, certified coaches who put the coachee and the organization at the center of our assessment universe. We use the ICF-recommended GROW, OSKAR,and CLEAR coaching conversational models to get to the heart of the performance objective desired.  We use “31 Powerful Questions” to help facilitate a self-discovery process for the coachee which leads to a stronger commitment to results.

We Strive for Excellence

Our priority is to be recognized for being a BEACON of Excellence, the BEST IN CLASS training, consulting, and coaching firm as determined by our industry peers, our customers, and the communities we serve.

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