When more complex analysis is required, PPC rapidly organizes to co-create solutions to address People-First needs. We then help you position your business case to sell your ideas to Senior Management. In short, we are here to help you WIN.

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Needs Assessment (Knowledge, Skills, Competency, or Strategic)

Winning Business Proposals

Diversity and Inclusion-based Succession Planning

Six Sigma Process Improvement

Team Re-Engagement Retreats

Innovation Work Shops

Best Practices Workshops

Design and Track ROI Metrics

If results do not improve, we do not get paid. We say it, because we mean it.

What is Our Approach to Solutions-Based Consulting?


We primarily work with small-to-medium sized corporations, state government agencies, and their sub-contracting partners. We address complex issues using big-company methodologies like Design Thinking, Six Sigma, and Level 3 & 4 evaluation of results.


We consistently utilize Mind-mapping, Ideation and Six-Hats scenario-based simulations to achieve innovative, best practice outcomes. 

We Strive for Excellence

Our priority is to be recognized for being a BEACON of Excellence, the BEST IN CLASS training, consulting, and coaching firm as determined by our industry peers, our customers, and the communities we serve.

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