Training Design and Delivery

PPC is the go-to extension of your training team with on-demand or custom-tailored, Ph.D-led training design and expert delivery.

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Face-to-Face Training

Supervisory & Leadership Training Design & Delivery

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Blended Training Design & Delivery

Micro-learning Design

Webinars and Podcasts Design and Delivery

Specialized Supervisory and Leadership Design and Delivery

If results do not improve, we do not get paid. We say it, because we mean it.

What is Our Approach to Training Design & Delivery?


We understand that adult learners have different needs and expectations. The needs vary based on learning styles, schedules and relevance to their professional fields. They come with more experience and they prefer application over theory. Therefore, the classes we design and develop balance the learning theory with practice. 


Adult learners always question “Why do I need this training?”, showing relevance of training keeps learners engaged and motivated. Keeping this in mind, we follow bottom to top approach to design training. You start at the bottom where the employees’ daily tasks and duties are and we move them to the big picture.


We use different instructional design models: ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Deliver, Implement, and Evaluate), SAM (Successive Approximation Model), 4CID (Four Components of Instructional Design), Cognitive Apprenticeship, Goal-based designs, CCAF model (Context, Challenge, Activity, and Feedback) for different training types depending on the training goal.


We use a lighting needs assessment to determine the real problem in training. The assessment focuses on: knowledge, skills, communication, environment and learner motivation.


Training is to change the learners’ behavior, to improve their performance and change is a process, which requires time and repetition. We believe in the importance of practice, practice, and practice.


“One size fits all” does not work in training. We understand everybody learns in differently, so we vary our learning approach, depending on the content.

We Strive for Excellence

Our priority is to be recognized for being a BEACON of Excellence, the BEST IN CLASS training, consulting, and coaching firm as determined by our industry peers, our customers and the communities we serve.

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