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Denny is one of the best HR Professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s strategic instead of reactionary, but also approaches each challenge with just the right amount of human empathy. In our line of work it’s a difficult to please the various business unit Managers while keeping in mind their PNL challenges and pushing back on emotional hiring decisions. Tackling these challenges while staying connected with the needs of his own team with the right amount of support, is something Denny seems to accomplish seamlessly. It was a pleasure working with Denny and his teams and I would be lucky to be able to work with him again in the future.

Ivana Cvejic

Co-Founder, Renhead

I have known Kevin for over 20 years. In all of my dealings with him, he has shown the utmost level of professionalism as well as ethical conduct as a leader in every aspect of his life. He is one of the most dependable persons I have had the privilege of knowing. I consider myself very fortunate to have had both professional and personal dealings with Kevin. I highly recommend him as an intelligent, loyal, committed and dependable leader.

Monica Cepero

Deputy County Administrator, Broward County Government

In the six years that Denny led recruiting at Wachovia, he elevated our performance to an award-winning, industry-recognized, innovative, accountable, execution-oriented, and people/client focused organization. His comprehensive, 9-page (detailed) vision for recruiting at Wachovia was authored as he entered this role and one would quickly realize how EVERY element of that vision was fulfilled.

Marc Hutto

Founder, Reveal Global

I was the Chief of Staff at the Department of Juvenile Justice from 2013 to 2014. Denny Clark worked at the department for almost five years as the Director of Staff Development and Training. In that position, he reported to me and managed the work and performance of 22 employees. Denny is a personable and skilled manager. He was able to manage his employees to maximize their potential. He was thoughtful not only about training of department personnel but also of
establishing a succession plan within his bureau. During his tenure, the department implemented a new training system that allowed for the use of newer technology to deliver more training to department and contracted employees than was previously possible.

Jason Welty

Former Chief of Staff, Department of Juvenile Justice

As I read over Kevin’s professional accomplishments, I continue to admire not only his character, but his unquestionable eagerness to impact every position and person he comes in contact with. As long as I’ve known him, Kevin has demonstrated that he is a conscientious worker who takes his position and the professional and personal pursuits of those he knows quite seriously. While working at FBBE, I had the opportunity to frequently interact with him as I strived to reach my academic endeavors and professional aspirations. I can say without equivocation that anyone who comes in contact with Kevin is immediately struck by his passion, diligence, and exceptional work ethic. Kevin is everything a leader NEEDS to be.

Nijinsky Dix

Director, University of Notre Dame

Kevin instantly becomes an extraordinary member of any organization. In my shared tenure with Kevin, he proved to be one of the top people I have ever worked with in over 9 years, both in the military and in the corporate world. Kevin brings a potent intellectual capacity to the team, a refreshing personality, impeccable organizational skills and a corporate work ethic that proves thoroughness, excellence and a drive to create the best in whatever he touches. In brief, he cares, and this simple and important value seems to burn beneath his fingernails to positively affect everything around him. Among all the people I have worked with–hundreds–if I could select only five to bring to a team to take on the most challenging and significant of projects, Kevin would be one of those five. The Best of the Best you will always remember, and your gratitude for their spirit and impact will never be forgotten or taken for granted. Kevin is one of those people. He also brings to the table an endearing sense of humor alongside of humbleness. Incidentally, he is also an authentic proven war hero, which he will not mention outside of perhaps objectively noting military assignments under a work history on a resume. People lighten up to him and become enlightened. Simply, when Kevin is around, good things just seem to happen all around him, and everyone benefits from that. He’s a leader, a teammate, a technician, a manager, a teacher, coach and mentor, and a hard worker who will bring extraordinary results–well beyond expectation–on whatever is handed him.

Bob Thompson

Principle Analyst, CALIBRE Systems

Kevin Kjellerup is finest Non-commissioned Officer trainer I worked with in over 37 years of military and police service. His intelligence, dedication to duty, integrity and selflessness are without equal. He typically was the first to show up at work and was the guy who turned out the lights when all preparations were made for the next day. I personally observed Kevin give up a well-deserved Christmas leave while he stayed behind to train some 250 deploying Soldiers to allow his subordinates to go home to be with their families. He genuinely cares for his family, his country and those he serves with. Kevin is a rare leader worthy of emulation. He can be counted on “when the chips are down.”

Ralph Long, COL(R)

Town Attorney, St. Florian, Alabama

A true professional and an asset to any organization. One of the brightest and most responsible individuals I have worked around. He is extremely responsive and always provides a quality work product. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Joe Benz

Chief Counsel, Boeing

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